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Our Mission


University Catholic at Middle Tennessee State University (UCat-MTSU) is dedicated to the mission of proposing Jesus Christ and forming His disciples. It is a community of fun-loving, joy-filled students who are serious about their faith. Representing every area of student life, University Catholic unites us in fellowship and friendship as we deepen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church is the space that makes the Sacraments readily available to serve the students’ spiritual needs. Our campus minister is devoted to presenting the content of the Catholic faith and helping it to resonate. FOCUS missionaries reach out and meet students where they are.


St. Martin de Porres House

UCat-MTSU’s St. Martin de Porres House is a home away from home for college students in
Murfreesboro. Located adjacent to St. Rose Church, St. Martin House is the location for our
regular events but also a place for study, recreation, and fellowship.


Our Team

Granville Hinton '23

UCAT-MTSU President

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Chase Larson '24

UCAT-MTSU Vice President

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Jacob Semmler '23

UCAT-MTSU Treasurer

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